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Scoutbook is a web application that is used by Pack 447 to keep track of all the pack members - the scouts, their parents as well as the Pack and Den leaders. This section of the website is meant to be used only by current members of Pack 447. If you are interested in joining the Pack, kindly contact us to get enrolled.


To start, you will be creating an account for the parent at
ScoutBook uses the same credentials as and you should be able to login to ScoutBook with those credentials.


 Please do not create an account in the Scout's name.  If you did, please go ahead and create an account for the parent, and then talk to a Scoutbook Admin for the Pack at the meeting to help remove the Scout account.


Parents (not Scouts), please follow these two steps to get started.

  1. Create an account in your name - not in the Scout's name. To get started click on this link

  2. Let the Scoutbook admins for the Pack know the following information by e-mail:

Please do not try to find/create/link Scout Account.  An Adult Leader will do that part.


If you have any questions or feedback, please send them to the above e-mail address.

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