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Pack 447

Welcomes You!


​Pack 447 goes on a hike!

The pack went for wonderful hike around Lake Elizabeth and learnt about nature and how a scout takes care to leave no trace behind. The heavy rains in the previous days added to the fun and made the hike an adventurous one!

​Derby Car Fever

The pack was consumed during February with Derby Car fever as the scouts prepared for the final showdown in the Gomes MPR hall. The event was a resounding success with the scouts (and their parents!) already planning for next years' Derby car racing event.

​Snow Play in the Playground

The scouts had a great Winter blast during the December pack meeting where they got to have snow fights in the middle of school! Oh what fun!

About Us

Cut Scouts - Packed with FUN!

Pack 447 is a Cub Scouts pack located in Fremont, California.

Designed for boys and girls in grades KG-5, Cub Scouting combines outdoor activities, fun, academics and more in a fun and exciting program that helps families teach ideals such as honesty, good citizenship, and respect. 

The Boy Scouts of America is composed of 1.27 million volunteers working together for the sole purpose of helping its more than 3 million youth succeed in life. 

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